Pinwheels at the Barn

Putting together the top: The Pinwheel Quilt top is all assembled, the border is on, and now we’re making decisions on what sort of stitch design will be in the plain fabric blocks. 

Pinwheels turning on the breeze…Beth and Irene show off the quilt top, just before the border was put on.

Squaring things up…

TBQ’s Pinwheel Blocks are taking shape, and the work of trimming and squaring the blocks to create uniformity has begun.

Measuring up


When finished and assembled, buttons will ornament the pinwheel centers. We’re just starting to look at vintage buttons and fanciful closures to decorate this one-of-a-kind quilt. 

Buttons, old and new

Many hands make light work…


a model pinwheel

Cutting and piecing has started for the Town Barn Quilters 2018 group project: a pinwheel quilt to be raffled off at the Sackets Harbor Quilt Show in October.

Rotary cutters make the work go fast, with precise cuts and clean edges.

Pattern & color

A range of patterns and batiks in warm, clear shades of red with ivory tones as the contrast make up the color palette.







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